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Sensitive Skin Solutions

100% Natural, Organic, not tested on animals, only natural ingredients, NO chemicals

Specially formulated for sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions.


A touch above the rest: Why?

The Personal Care range contains Herbal infused oils and Aloe Vera, preserved with Vitamin C


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Please note that the containers in which the products are supplied, may differ, depending on what is available from my suppliers. The packaging of the product you receive may therefore differ from the photos.

Gerda's Health & Beauty Personal Care Products
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R 350.00

#vetvryfiecombo #special Slegs R350, ipv R450 (aflewering per koerier in SA ingesluit, hang af waar jy bly)

May assist with the following: Reduces Cellulite, Improves Circulation, Drains Lymph Glands

Circulation lotion & soap

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Gerda Gesondheid Base Herbal Infused oil, Aqueous cream, Lavender Flowers, Grated Loofa, Activated Charcoal, Diatomaceous Earth, Essential oils



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